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Are there any programs avaible that help obtain employement after college?

Asked Fort Wayne, Indiana

Honestly, I am scared of being thousands of dollars in debt without a job. I know a few adults who are still paying of their loans, and that is frightening
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Kiran’s Answer

Dear Stephanie, Glad to give you some guidance and advice. What is more compelling in job market today is to have the right skills which the companies want to absorb from students graduating out of college. While it is important to have a technical degree , it is also advisable to upskill ourselves to add more certifications. For eg : Today in IT sector AI (Artificial Intelligence) is considered to be a very skillful job and as the market is moving towards automation , this skill can grab the attention of the companies and reach out to you for testing your skills and provide a job opportunity. So in nutshell , keep yourself up breast on the current market trends and quickly adapt and you will see getting jobs would not be challenging as you would have the right skills. Hope this guidance helps and All the best for your job search.