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Does anyone have any helpful study habits to get great scores on the SAT or ACT?

Well I haven't taken it yet, but I have done the psat and online practice on Kahn Academy. I have improved a lot, but I want to develop some study habits to be very confident on both tests. #sat #act

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2 answers

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Emily’s Answer

Practice, practice, practice. Similar to studying for the CPA exams, I found that going through as many practice problems as possible was most beneficial. Once you do a lot of problems you will familiarize yourself with the different "types" of problems and notice that these exams tend to ask multiple questions covering only a few themes. I also found it very helpful to make notes of which questions you answered incorrectly as well as which answers you got right but guessed on. For both of these go to the answer explanations to get a full understanding as to what the question was asking and how to go about solving it. Good luck!

Oh thank you so much! TiYonna D.

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sara’s Answer

I would definitely suggest taking the SAT more than once. My high school offered a class for SAT studying, but prior to my first attempt I did not do any additional studying other than attending the provided classes. After receiving my results on the first exam I was able to see that my writing score was over 100 points lower than my math and reading. Thus, in preparation for my second attempt I was able to simply focus on the writing portion for studying. The second attempt, my writing score jumped 80 points, so knowing which area that I needed to improve on was very beneficial.