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Is the fashion industry a good career path for PR majors? What are the pros and cons? #publicrelations #fashionindustry

I am currently majoring in PR and I have always had a passion for fashion, makeup, traveling and the glamour life. Is it possible to make it big? What are some possible job opportunities if I want to work in that area? #public-relations #fashion-industry

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I can't speak for fashion but if you have a passion for it than go after it! Passion is important no matter what you do in any job but is a must for a PR job. Any retail or B2C (business to consumer) group needs PR tremendously. See if you can get a leg up by getting an internship or by learning more about the operations of the industry. See behind the curtain if you will. Do this and you almost certainly will stand out.

Last updated Apr 11 at 07:20
I also have a PR background- it's a combination of luck and talent that you "make it big." The degree will help- you might want to consider taking fashion-related classes as electives or get a fashion minor to earn experience. These classes could also help lead to an internship or an introduction to other individuals in the field. You should volunteer with fashion-based organizations, like a local charity fashion show or something, and see how you like the experience. Start building your portfolio now, that will help you out if you continue to pursue this field. Good luck!
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I concur with Jenna. Try to gain summer experience at a fashion house like Dior or Chanel - even if it means grabbing coffee for the fashion director and network....network....network! You will also need to handle rejection. It comes with the territory.
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