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What would be the pros and cons of being an employed fire fighter and personal trainer?

Senior year is here, and my plans after high school are going to college. I have always been active and involved in sports and that's what inspired me to pursue the career of personal training and become certified. Firefighting came to me randomly when I was unsure about making a full career out of personal training. I wanted a career where I was keeping busy; it was team oriented, and always a challenge. I did some research and found that employed firefighters work three days a week for 24 hours. This is where I got the idea to try to balance out both careers, firefighting one day, personal training on the days off. I'm just interested in others thoughts about the careers I plan on pursuing. #firefighting #personal-training #dual-career

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Richard’s Answer

These are two excellent and compatible challenges that could lead to a full filling career path for you. If you choose to become a fire fighter, please understand it's a life style, just as much as becoming a certified personal trainer. Fighting fires or responding to emergencies is based on teams of fire fighters working together. Their lives and those they serve depend on it. They're team oriented. They train, work and often socialize together. It's a brotherhood. Likewise, personal fitness and health are important for them to maintain the endurance and skill levels required to perform their duties as fire fighters and emergency responders. Therefore, your desire to become a certified personal trainer goes hand-in-hand with becoming / being a fire fighter. As you noted, the work schedule for most fire fighters allows you time to balance both interests. Becoming a personal trainer will only benefit you in becoming / being a fire fighter. Best of Luck !