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Miriam A. Aug 15, 2016 1129 views

Where can i start my entertainment career?

I am in a tight spot but its always been a dream of mine to start being a music producer, and photographer while doing dance, personal training and culinary arts. I really want to start my music, photography and personal training mostly since i feel like it would have more meaning to me. I need...

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D'Andrea H. May 09, 2016 475 views

What is the best university for personal trainer?

I want to go to a good university and with a good benefit for personal training. #personal-training...


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seth T. Mar 09, 2016 1609 views

Can you be employed in the military, be a fireman, and personal training at the same time?

hi, I'm a junior in high school and I want to be all three of these and wondered what professionals would think #navy #personal-training...


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Jacob R. Sep 02, 2015 3613 views

What are the different types of jobs that a kinesiology major get you?

Hello, I'm in the fall of my senior year and I was looking into a kinesiology, I really love helping other's and I have a large background in sport's injury's and also personal fitness. If you can help me with my question I would certainly appreciate it. #medicine #sports...


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Kyle H. Dec 16, 2014 916 views

What is some advice you would give someone majoring in Physical Therapy or Kinesiology?

I am a really looking into either Physical Therapy or Kinesiology and was just wondering what to major in. #science #sports #physical...


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Josh W. Dec 16, 2014 2074 views

What would be the pros and cons of being an employed fire fighter and personal trainer?

Senior year is here, and my plans after high school are going to college. I have always been active and involved in sports and that's what inspired me to pursue the career of personal training and become certified. Firefighting came to me randomly when I was unsure about making a full career...

#dual-career #firefighting #personal-training

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Brycen S. Oct 10, 2014 1122 views