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How can I become a successful welder with low-income family?

#welding:I took a survey and it turned that I like Architecture and my dad told me to be a welder and in that category, welding fell in to my interest and with other career clusters. #manufacturing #heavy-industry

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Cesar!
I recommend checking to see what programs are available at your school. Some schools have Ag programs that teach metal fabrication/welding. It's a good place to start! Get good grades (in everything!) and you could possibly get scholarships to help with school. Also consider joining the military, which will give you some really good training.

But don't be a welder just because that is what your Dad suggested. Ask yourself if that is what you want. There are many other areas in Architecture, including drafting. Explore all the others and see if there is anything else that appeals to you. When you are doing a skilled trade, or an art, it should be something you feel is a good fit for you. Keep your options open!


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Archuleta’s Answer


The great news is there are many jobs in this field and they can lead to just about any manufacturing or architecture position over a career. Large technology companies like Northrop Grumman, Huntington Ingalls, and others provide opportunities to grow. Here are some of the words used to describe positions that help start this path, Assembler Mechanic, Associate Engineer, Manufacturing Analyst, Machine Shop, Electronic Technician, Manufacturing Apprentice, Hardware Intern, Machinist, Fabricator, Integrator, and Product Integrity. You can then use tuition assistance from these technology companies to pursue architecture or any job related degree.

Archuleta recommends the following next steps:

Search technology company websites for manufacturing internships.
Ask the recruiter if tuition assistance is provided if you decide to join their company full time.