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What is a good way to narrow down a career path that fits you best if you like multiple things?

And how do pick a college that you will like and best at?

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2 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Liking multiple things is actually a plus as this will allow you to be more diverse and most likely allow you to be more open to varying career opportunities. Think about the things you are most passionate about and value. For example, do you find that you enjoy helping others or teaching individuals' new things? Do you find that you enjoy service-related activities such as volunteering? Do you enjoy public speaking or providing advice to friends and family about subjects you are well versed in? Do you love fixing things or taking things apart and understanding how they function? Try to pin down your top three or four and then you can begin exploring career paths that fit those passions and values. Always remember you may end up changing your career path along the way but remember to make sure that whatever path you take fits your passions and what you value most.

For college, check out Big Future which is a great resource that is available through the College Board. They have a college quiz that you can take to get a better understanding of what type of college would fit you best and they also have a career quiz that may be of assistance. You can view colleges you are interested in as well as get helpful information regarding tuition costs, the amount of aid students typically receive, admission information and can then create a list of colleges that you like. Once you have created your college list, this can help you narrow down where you would like to apply and if you have any questions, never be afraid to contact the college itself as typically recruiting loves to share information about their school which in turn will help you.
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T.J.’s Answer

Hello Mackenzie!

A method I found useful is what I call "Rule in, Rule out."

This is a way for you to look at different majors. You cross out the ones that don't interest you, and keep the ones that sound the most appealing. Also, it helps you see what your college degree will actually look like!

Let's say I wanted to go to a particular school.
All colleges have a place where you can view all of the degree programs they offer called a catalogue! Here's an example:

There are three ways you can look at majors:
(1) You can filter it by all
(2) You can filter it by school:
(3) You can filter by using a keyword! With any word that comes to mind:

Catalogues will tell you exactly which classes you'll take in any major.

Here's how the Rule in, Rule out method can work here:

(1). Go down the list of majors. You don't need to open any links/pages yet. Just read the titles of all the programs at your college.

(2). Once you read all of them, think about which programs stand or don't stand out to you.
** 2a: If you prefer Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or pencil & paper, grab it.

(3). Write every major down! (Yes, every major.... Or copy and paste the list from the catalogue).

(4). Take some time to open and read each page for different major.
** A: You don't need to read every single major on every single page.
But, if you have 6 Majors you're really interested in, reading about them in-depth can help you.

(5). Ask yourself some key questions:
- What do I think about the required courses for the major?
- What type of learning environment would I spend the most time in? (A Lecture, A Lab, or Both?)
- What industry does the major seem to focus on?
- Are there any jobs I can think of that come with this major?
- Can I see myself taking these courses for ~15 weeks?

These steps can help you consider your options in-depth.
Because if you know already " I dislike science." or "Eh... art is not for me." Then you'll rule them out!

That leaves you with other majors that you feel open to exploring!
Also, you can use a career to rule in/out majors as well. If you want to work as a project manager for a engineering company, then you can rule out majors that don't relate to your interest, and read in-depth about the majors that do match!

Choosing a college can feel tricky, but the best colleges will provide not only the major you want, but the experiences you want from it.

Your priorities in a school will be unique, but common areas people choose the best college are:
(1). Financial aid + Cost
(2). Distance + Location (In-state, out-of-state, international)
(3). Clubs + Organizations
(4). Food
(5). Environment
(6). Sports
(7). "Vibes" (Do I feel comfortable here?)

Think about these things, and give yourself time to reflect on what you explore right now.

Sending you good luck as you think about college :)