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why do people find it hard to translate ASL to others ?

why is it hard to understand american sign language? (ASL)

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1 answer

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Amit’s Answer

Dear Sharon,

Understanding and translating American Sign Language (ASL) can be challenging for several reasons:

Different from English: ASL has its own rich set of grammar. It is a self-sustained and complete language that is completely different from English on the linguistic level.

Unique Grammatical Rules: ASL doesn’t follow the same grammar rules as English. For example, sign language doesn’t have articles such as “the” and doesn’t use conjunctions like “and.” Sign language doesn’t use the verb “to be,” either.

Requires Abstraction: One of the challenges people face when learning ASL is that it requires them to stop “thinking straight English” and rely on abstraction and other skills to communicate both dynamically and accurately.

Physical Demands: When you’re speaking, you have to use your eyes, body, and face. Plus, it can be hard to keep up with native speakers.

No Universal Sign Language: There’s no one sign language. There are more than 300 recognized types of sign language spoken all across the globe.

Challenging in Group Settings: The average speed of communication in a social setting can often be overwhelming, particularly if you are in a group.

Remember, like any other language, learning ASL takes time and practice. But with persistence, anyone can learn to understand and translate ASL effectively.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Amit! sharon