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Amit Mittal

Officer at Citibank
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Citizen Patrol
Civic Duty

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Luceen Jan 18 403 views

What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring to become a First Line Supervisor of Police & Detectives?

Does your company look for things like leadership?

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Marissa Jan 19 547 views

What are day-to-day responsibilities for CMAs?

In training for CMA

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Kali Jan 19 873 views

Is forensic anthropology the right major for me?

Hi! I've always loved forensics and once I found forensic anthropology it seemed like a good route for me. After doing some more research I realized it requires some math skills, math is not one of my strong suits so I'm doubting my choice. What is it like to actually work with anthropology?...

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Divina Jan 19 1016 views

What college accepts FBI, Lawyer, and Surgeon?

What college do you believe is good for me to attend and study law. I also want to be a FBI or surgeon. So I wanted to know what college an IVY league college that accepts all these career jobs?

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billy Jan 19 726 views

what is the best way to learn math ? how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ? why online courses is the best from other way ?

what is the best way to learn math ?
how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ?
why online courses is the best from other way ?

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Luceen Jan 18 389 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to become a First Line Supervisor of Police & Detectives?

I know it requires a high school diploma, I am curious about the steps after that.

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 18 404 views

Is there room for promotion or moving up in advancement when it comes to animal health? ?

This question was asked anonymously by a student. This learner is a junior in high school and is interested in becoming a veterinarian.

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Rahina Jan 18 427 views

How do i decided what best for me?

My mom wants me to be a medical doctor but i want to be an actress or a musician. She’s afraid im not gonna succeed in the entertainment industry

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Mananya Jan 03 1153 views

Where can I find online high school student internships for CS ?

Where can I find economically feasible internships(online) for high school students which are computer science oriented, which teach new stuff alongside helping me enhance my soft skills.

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Jack Jan 18 820 views

Where should I get A career advisor?

Am looking for a career advisor anywhere

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Charlotte Jan 18 433 views

What is the hardest challenge in this career?

How can one overcome the daily challenge

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Thomas Jan 17 734 views

What is a good university for me?

As a medical student, what is a good university in the US for someone with average grades, but also college credits, Eagle Scout rank and progressing with the congressional Medal of Honor?

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Shree Dec 13, 2023 339 views

How to maintain a database for current affairs?

I am currently preparing for a law entrance exam that requires me to learn all the current events that occur locally and globally but since there is so much information, note-taking has become quite difficult and arduous. My notes become jumbled since there is so much information and more keeps...

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Keasia Jan 17 704 views

what are two things about real estate sales agent information interviews? ?


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emma Jan 17 678 views

How do you become a genetics researcher?

What is the best college path to take to become a genetics researcher?