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What is a good paying job?

I just want a good paying job to give to the homeless, some charities, and some money to provide food, places to sleep, and fun activities for my family. #helping-others #helpingmyfamily

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2 answers

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Todd’s Answer

Hello Karlyn L.
I say first any work you love doing the most in life you have to take care of yourself first before you give bunches of your hard earned money to donation. I see you have a big heart Karlyn but you don't need money to help people just your time being involved in the homeless communities in your area. Like volunteer in homeless shelters big food drives donations in your area. Here is a tip go in back of these supermarkets food stores at night time they are now throwing away good food so these super food markets make extra profits on throwing away good food. LIke Walmart. Super Target, Whole Foods, Kmart Super Center, Costco , Kroger just to name few throwing away good food for extra profit. Taking care of people being homeless is a big job in America today because no one is paying attention to what is really going on in America with people be homeless. This is a very big problem and some cities make homeless illegal to help people out in bad times. If you really want to help the homeless in America today I say make awareness to 100's of people and have those people make more awareness 100's more people helping homeless in America. Here is my quote for you Karlyn: (YOU DON'T NEED A REASON TO HELP PEOPLE) best of luck in your life journey.

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John’s Answer

Your goals are admirable however I think you need to determine first what you like. If your goal is simply to get you money so you can donate it to needy people there are all kinds of jobs that can get you to that goal. I suggest that you look for something you like to do. If you don't choose a career that you enjoy you will not be happy and reaching your goals will not be worth it.

Your goal isn't well defined. If you just want to donate some money to people in need, you can do that making coffee at the corner coffee shop. You just will not be able to donate that much. You should always have numbers attached to your goals to help you develop milestones in achieving them.

Perhaps instead of simply donations you will choice of life of service to others. Police, fire crews, EMT's, military, town and federal employees all service there community and are often called upon to help those who can't help themselves. Any of these would be a noble pursuit for a life but you should understand that a life of devotion to others, a selfless life, is a very hard life and one that can be full of disappointment.