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What should I do in my undergraduate years to set myself up to be accepted at a great school for graduate school?

I want to make sure that I'm doing all I can to get accepted at highly competitive school for my graduate work. What should I be doing?
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3 answers

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Molly’s Answer

Hi Kaitlyn, I have found the graduate schools want students who are active in the community (volunteering is key, even if it's unstructured like helping your neighbors) and show a commitment to achieve things.  Being able to show that you get what you want proves that you will work hard to complete the graduate degree. I'd also recommend that you work either during graduate school or before so you get the most out of it. When I was taking graduate courses I worked full time, and found that many of the topics covered in school were relevant to my daily work life.

Molly recommends the following next steps:

Identify which schools offer your area of study, then rank them.
Start building your resume - work experience, volunteering, etc.
Work hard as an undergraduate to get good grades that make you stand out from others.

Great recommendation Katcha Taylor

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Katelyn’s Answer

Hi Kaitlyn, I like your name! Depending on what your major is, the steps vary in order to be successful. Keep in mind, there is a chance you might not get into the graduate schools you wished, but it's okay everything happens for a reason. As long as you keep putting in the effort despite of the difficult obstacles you'll encounter, you will get into a good graduate school. Hope this helps!

Katelyn recommends the following next steps:

Have good grades (doesn't have to be straight A's)
Volunteer/ get into a internship for experience
Build connections (whether it's through family friend or your family)
Don't be afraid to ask for help! You're paying to go to college, use your resources

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Jenny’s Answer

It is also important to remember that you will need letters of recommendation from professors for grad school applications. So make sure you are close with a few professors in the subject you want to go to grad school for.

Jenny recommends the following next steps:

Make sure to go to some office hours
Being a lab assistant / teaching assistant
Get involved in on campus clubs