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What have pathologist already research on and what haven't they done ?

I'm a AP research student and I'm doing research on Alzheimer's disease and so I want to know what research have they already done and haven't.
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2 answers

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Gayatri’s Answer

There is an extensive amount of information on Alzheimer's disease. That being said, there is still neither a cure nor complete remission of the disease reported this far. There are so many more open ends that people are still investigating.

Gayatri recommends the following next steps:

You could visit the Alzheimer's disease foundation. They will have a very detailed account of the work thats happening on the subject (newsletters). Since the foundation specifically funds research on the subject, you will have access exclusively to the kind of information you are looking for.

So I did my final project on how educating teens on Alzheimer’s disease can affect dietary choices. My research concluded that it didn’t affect dietary choices because of their and they weren’t entirely in charge of their diet and the availability of unhealthy foods. However I felt like I could’ve done more in terms of my research. I read The Four Pillars of Alzheimer's Prevention by Khalsa and Perry about how they hypothesized that Genes can influence the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease but well chosen foods and their nutrients may be more gene expression toward a sharp brain. So what I’m asking it is my question and research overly discussed or was it a good stepping stone that could be used to benefit someone or could it be more Investigate it? Keasia G.

Because of their age * and being a teen I know it’s hard to actually try to eat healthier with all the unhealthy food being more accessible Keasia G.

I think your research addressed a very important question- the influence of environment (if you can call the food we eat part of environment) on the disease onset. As far as the relevance of it goes, I think there will be documentation of it in the publications of the foundation. Sorry if I am unable to help you answer your question. Gayatri Venkiteswaran, PhD.

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John’s Answer

This is a really broad question. I am not sure where you are in life or what your life experiences have been. There has been a lot of research of various degrees of validity. That is the great thing about medicine and science it is always changing. Just remember a false proof is just as important as a positive one when doing research. Research is difficult to be unbiased as most of the funding comes from someone looking to prove or disprove something. When looking at a study consider who funded it. Second look at how the study was done and look for bias and the quality of the study.