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I am considering becoming a lawyer; is there a specific field that there is a need?

I would love to practice law in a field that is up and coming!! #women-in-law

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Wow, what an interesting question! I was just thinking about the legal ramifications of driverless cars the other day. I would guess that most up and coming fields would revolve around technology, but I could be wrong. It could have to do with animal rights. Can you believe that if someone kills your pet they simply deprived you of your property, and depriving that animal of his life is not a legal claim (I think. . . .) There are even people who are saying that trees have feelings, and I think they are sincere about it, but I have not read up on it.

I hope you have fun exploring this topic, and come up with some good ideas!


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Vicki’s Answer

Hi there. I am a qualified solicitor in the UK. I would recommend that you think about this in a slightly different way while you are starting out. Becoming a lawyer takes huge personal and financial commitment. It also takes time so you must choose an area of law that you are interested in. The great thing about the law is that if you find an area or field that really excites you, you could likely make a difference by your contribution either in a direct way or an indirect way. For example, it could be a cutting edge area of law, the company you work for could be making a huge difference, or you could make a huge difference to someone's life that you impact through your work. Find a passion for what you do and you will make a difference be it big or small. Good luck!