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How easy is it to get hired in the interior design world?

After coming out of the financial recession for a few years now, the field of interior design is really picking up steam. There are more ads seeking designers to fill positions each month. Still, I wouldn't say it is ever easy to get a job. The more credentials you have, the easier it is. Besides a certificate or degree or both, employers are looking for someone that has a good grasp of one or more computer drawing programs and often Photoshop. They also want someone who is comfortable in front of clients and can work fairly independently without constant guidance. If you build a strong resume and portfolio and practice your interviewing skills, you should have no problem finding a position. Good luck! Pam Atilano, ASID

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1 answer

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Tyneir’s Answer

What is your education background? What type of ID are you interested in? The amount of school and experience in the field will play a big part in how hard it is to find employment. I suggest finding ID internships while in school and creating/maintaining an interesting portfolio of work demonstrating your design aesthetic and technical skills. Make sure save examples of your work from each employer/internship - keep copies/documentation!!!

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