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I love kids beside a teacher, what jobs are out there for me?

I’m case being a teacher doesn’t work out I want to know what other options I have. #education

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4 answers

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Brianne’s Answer

Brittney, there are lots of ways to work with children outside of the classroom. All of the listed above are great options within the academic setting. In addition to those, you can work with children in the medical field. Another option is the daycare setting. This is a great way to start working with kids before college or during college. There are administrative roles in daycares as well. You can reach out to your local daycare centers to see if they're hiring and get started with a particular age group. The children will obviously be younger here (infants - 4 years), but it will give you a "classroom" type setting and allow you to work with multiple age groups to help you determine if you would want to work with really young kids.

Another option is to take a personality test to help identify your passions and preferences. The link below is to Myers & Briggs. This is a good (widely recognized) source to refer to.


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Lynn’s Answer

If you are a "people person", but the classroom turns out to be different than you expect, there are still ways to connect with kids that can be satisfying. In the education field, there are other jobs that are not specifically teaching, but are student-related, such as Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Library/Media Specialist, Tutor, Recreation Director/Coach, Outdoor Education Leader, or School Psychologist. Some of these require more than a Bachelors degree, but are rewarding fields that help students develop more than just academic skills. They round out the educational life of both schools and communities. Classroom teachers often pursue Masters degrees in these fields, and then have a second career path as an option. Good luck in deciding what fits best for you!

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Bryce’s Answer

If you don't want to be a teacher, but are still willing to work in a school there a jobs like paraprofessionals, speech therapists, or even counselors. If you don't want to work in a school setting there are options like camp counselors in the summer, daycare worker, and social worker. If you still wanted to stay in education there are a lot of environmental education programs that work with schools or community outreach programs. If you are into sports you could also get into coaching as well.

Bryce recommends the following next steps:

Find what you are passionate about (besides working with kids)
Research opportunities in that area
Read job descriptions thoroughly
Possibly shadow or talk with a person in given career

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Samantha’s Answer


There are so many jobs out there for someone who doesn't want to be a teacher but still work with children. You can work in different medical fields, criminal field, foster homes, adoption agencies, you can assist teachers in school. your options are endless! You could even work with a zoo with the education portion of it. Just about everything you think of there is a way to work with kids but not necessarily be a teacher!