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Should I minor in something business related if I am considering trying to start my own occupational therapy practice?

Asked Austell, Georgia

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in psychology and am on the path to becoming an occupational therapist. I would like to apply for OT masters programs after I obtain my bachelors degree. However, because I am possibly considering the idea of trying to start my own OT practice, I want to know if I should minor in a degree that is business related while still in undergrad. If I should, what would be the best minor/pathway to pursue and how else could I utilize it in occupational therapy? I have had an interest in learning more about business anyhow, but I do not want to minor in something that might not apply to what I do later.
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Caryn’s Answer


Hi Kimberly! Psych is a great choice for a major and it will fulfill the prerequisites for a number of graduate programs. I love OT, but there are other great careers in healthcare you should consider pursuing. I always recommend Biology as a minor, because it too will cover a lot of prerequisites in the medical field without limiting you. When you are ready to apply (or even sooner) don't hesitate to reach out! Best of luck!