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Occupational Therapist
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Anchorage, Alaska
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Faith Mar 20, 2018 1014 views

What does an Occupational Therapist's average day look like?

I would like to confirm that every day is not going to be the same because I do not want to have career where every day is the exact same. I want each day to have it is own experiences.

Ngoc’s Avatar
Ngoc Apr 25, 2018 742 views

What college classes do you need to take to become an occupational therapist?

I want to study medicine in college but I am still indecisive. I was thinking of becoming an occupational therapist because it is a field of work that I am interested in. I am unsure of the type of classes I need in take in order to achieve becoming an occupational therapist. #medicine...

Shawn’s Avatar
Shawn Nov 22, 2022 664 views

What steps should i be taking to become a Dietician or Nutritionist?

What steps should i be taking to become a Dietician or Nutritionist? I have graduated high school and am in job corps planning on doing the health care trade.

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Nov 22, 2022 489 views

Which careers can I go to, if I decide not to go to medical school, with a biomedical science major?

Currently, I am in high school. I just wanted to explore my options in undergraduate.

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 17, 2018 725 views

Should I minor in something business related if I am considering trying to start my own occupational therapy practice?

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in psychology and am on the path to becoming an occupational therapist. I would like to apply for OT masters programs after I obtain my bachelors degree. However, because I am possibly considering the idea of trying to start my own OT practice, I...

Jay'Lin’s Avatar
Jay'Lin Nov 10, 2022 653 views

Travel Physical Therapist

What does it take to be a Travel Physical Therapist? Like, what classes? Is your schedule busy? Does it take a lot of college? etc.

Deionne’s Avatar
Deionne Nov 09, 2022 804 views

What are the requirements to become a physical trainer?

How long would it take to become a physical trainer? How stressful can this be? Does this take a lot of skill or smarts to be successful? How is the pay/ is it good enough to make a living from it?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Nov 04, 2022 549 views

What is the hardest part about being in med school?

I am interested in the medical field after graduating high school but am intimidated by the medical field because of how much there is to learn.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Sep 22, 2022 573 views

As a CNA, how did you not become overly connected to your patients or residents?

I am trying to become a CMA, but when I was in clinical for CNA, I experienced the sadness of my patients missing me so much to the point where they didn't want to eat unless I fed them. I would like to know how to avoid such bittersweet dilemmas.

Imani’s Avatar
Imani Nov 09, 2022 308 views

What are the important steps needed?

What are the most critical steps needed in order to become a Physician?

Thao’s Avatar
Thao Nov 10, 2022 671 views

Healthcare career counseling

I am a public health major, expecting to graduate in Spring 2023. I want to get experience in the health field and am interested in health information management. Some classes I enjoyed are epidemiology, health economics, environmental health, and health communication. What are some career...

Thao’s Avatar
Thao Nov 10, 2022 1496 views

How to work in the health information management field?

I am interested in getting a certification in health information management (HIM) or a masters in HIM. How can I seek an internship in this field to get experience? What requirements are needed to work in this field?

Zoey’s Avatar
Zoey Nov 10, 2022 317 views

How do you get started in pediatrics?

How do you get started in pediatrics and what colleges have the best programs to major in pediatrics?