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What is the best alternative to becoming an M.D.?

I'm worried I won't make it into medical school- it's very competitive. What could I do instead of it doesn't work out? #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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5 answers

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Christine’s Answer

When I was in college, I also considered going to medical school. I volunteered and shadowed a Physician's Assistant and Physical Therapists. This helped me learn about other fields and get a better understanding of what the different careers entail. Both PA and PT seemed like good options as an alternative to medical school if you are looking for something that requires less schooling.

Christine recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer or shadow in various medical settings

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Kevin’s Answer

The easiest/most similar path is to try Osteopath school (becoming a DO). Otherwise, many students have chosen to become DPTs, NPs, and PAs. It's about your why more than anything!

Kevin recommends the following next steps:

Figure out your what and why in terms of specialty.Research the options I mentioned.

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Claire’s Answer

I would recommend looking into schools of osteopathic medicine. They are considered "easier to get into". But that isn't necessarily true. They look at the entire application of the student rather than simply the student's grades. So if you have some poor grades but have a great application other than that, they take that into account. A D.O. is the same thing as an M.D. with the exception that they receive extra training during medical school so that they can do Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy. This is a wonderful skill and is an additional tool in a clinician's toolbox to help treat their patients. Other than that DOs are medical doctors just like MDs are.
However, PA, PT, OT are great alternatives.

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Richard’s Answer

Some options include:
x-ray tech
surgical scrub tech
lab tech

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Leobardo’s Answer

Physician assistant is a good route , also competitive,

Nurse practitioner, ( the only thing I know is that like doctors and p.a. they can prescribe meditation,

That is if you want to open your own practice, p.a if you wanted to stay in surgical setting.