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How do you survive in the real world? Independence or reliance?

Jobs. Taxes. Bills. Grocery shopping. Once I move away from home, it’s all up to me now, which raises the question: is it better to learn how to handle this stuff through my own mistakes and learn from the Internet OR to constantly get personal help from my parents every time a problem comes up? #moving-out #real-world #survival #parents

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3 answers

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Peter’s Answer

Hi Reyna,

This is a great question, but difficult to answer.

I think learning to be able to stand on your own two feet is a great thing, but it depends on where you are in your life. I myself did not move out of home until after I had completed university and was already working full-time. I think if you are trying to save for a house, or a car, it's very difficult to do so if you live out of home during university and are having to work to pay the bills, rent, groceries etc. Of course, sometimes this is not possible, as you are studying in a location away from home. Certainly being able to budget your money and only spend on necessities is also a key skill to develop, as it will enable you to ultimately achieve your financial goals. Going to your parents when it is absolutely necessary is also fine though in my opinion.

I hope this helps. All the best!


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Issa’s Answer

Hey Reyna,

To answer your question its a bit of both. As you grow up, you learn that every one offers something for you to learn from (whether its direct advice or indirectly). The important thing is to know when you need help, specifically when these issues can impact your well being.

I've always felt like a positive- goal oriented attitude has helped me get through most of my life's challenges.

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Ashley’s Answer

Hey Reyna,

I ended up moving across the country for school and then stayed for work. There is a unique and great feeling to solving some things on your own (I always ended up calling my parents to share my successes with them). Depending on how close you are geographically to your family, there's also nice and bonding ways to include them in your independence.