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IIT JEE 2018?

i want to get complete information for #iit JEE 2018 Examination?

IIT JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a national level entrance exam through which candidates can get admission in India’s most reputed institutes i.e. IITs for different Engineering course. <a href="https://www.eduncle.com/iit-jee">IIT JEE 2018</a> Exam will be conducted by IIT Kanpur. The exam will be conducted in two phases i.e. JEE Main &amp; JEE Advanced. As per the important dates the JEE Main Exam will be conducted on 8th, 15th &amp; on 14th April 2018. Candidates should have to clear the JEE Main Exam to appear in JEE Advanced. I hope the information is helpful for you, If you want to know more about IIT JEE then click on the link given above. ishaan R.

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JEE Main