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Will joining IIT JAM Coaching be beneficial for preparation?

As we all know that the IIT JAM 2018 Exam will be held on 11 February 2018. So, there are only few days are left to prepare for the exam.
I’m also preparing for JAM Exam, and still not completed my syllabus and confused that should I joint IIT JAM 2018 Coaching or self-study is sufficient to get good marks in JAM?
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4 answers

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Kaustubh’s Answer

Hi Ravi!

It is advisable for most people to join a coaching class to prepare for the IITJEE exam, as the syllabus is vast, and needless to say very challenging, especially compared to the PU or CBSE syllabus. There are a few people who try to study on their own, but I don't think most people have that extreme amount of discipline required to organise the massive syllabus and finish studying it within two years xD

Don't waste time trying to decide which coaching class to join, as nowadays there are so many options. I am indifferent towards the different coaching institutions, as I have found that all of them offer a similar quality of teachers and study material. They all charge an exorbidant amount anyway lmao, so you can be assured that they all have good enough teachers and study resources.

The most important thing you need to remember about any coaching class is that, the amount it benefits you entirely depends on how much you put in work yourself. The classes are very informative, and the practice exercises that they design will definitely sharpen your problem solving skills as long as YOU complete them, and stay on top of all your classes. Take proper notes and don't miss many classes, as it is tough to get back on track once you miss a topic or lesson. So I'll say it again, joining a coaching class isn't gonna help you at all, unless you put in the work and time and utilise all the resources they offer. Most people join coaching but do not keep up with the course, and then complain about it being too overwhelming (naturally).

PS: I shan't deny that these two years(plus 2) are extremely taxing, as there is a huge jump in difficulty from 10th. There is also the pressure of getting into a good college, and so many more things, and it's just very hard(but important) to stay sane during these 2 years, so all the best coping lol👍
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Abhishek’s Answer

Hi Ravi M,

It is always beneficial to join coaching for big exams like IIT.

Coaching provide you with study material and guide you throughout the time you prepare for an exam.

But you would need to spend time in your self studies as well, as just going to a good coaching institute is not sufficient. So I would suggest you join IIT JAM, but also keep sometime for your self studies.

Better you follow a routine and divide you day in such a manner that you get time for both coaching and self studies.

Thank You

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Avni’s Answer

Hi Ravi,

Joining Coaching for IIT JAM will definitely be helpful , But along with Coaching you need to put all the efforts, Because in Coaching you will get the areas where you need to focus & type of questions that will be asked , but your practice will decide your rank. In the end it is all about how quickly you can solve that question not just that you can solve the question .
Try to do as many previous years questions as possible , because you will get many question from previous year question papers.

Good luck.

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Gaurav’s Answer

Hi Ravi, I will say joining IIT JAM Coaching class will be beneficial.

But what will decide your success is that how you manage your time well and focus on preparation.

I will say the more practice you do and the sample paper you solve, it will help you to achieve success.

So good guidance will only help your cause but ultimately the outcomes is in your hand, how you grasp things and how much hardwork you are willing to do.