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What kind of jobs can I expect to find related to history?

Asked Kingston, Michigan

I would like to know because I am interested in history, and one of the only jobs I can think of at the moment is a historian (which is a job I'm interested in) or a job in a museum. What other jobs are there that have to do with history? #history

4 answers

Brien’s Answer

any government job, political job, teacher/professor.

Ryan’s Answer


This is an excellent question! History and liberal arts is a admirable path to follow.

Among the jobs you can consider are: advertising executive, analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, lobbyist, personnel manager, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher . . . the list can be almost endless.

More specifically, though, with your degree in history you can be an educator, researcher, communicator or editor, information manager, advocate, or even a businessperson.

A great resource to check out is https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/career-resources/careers-for-history-majors

where you will find some great options and information to follow.

Ryan recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk to your school career counselor and plan for any extra areas of study.

Martina’s Answer

Updated Carrollton, Georgia

I have an undergraduate degree in history, a masters degree in liberal arts, and two graduate certificates in Museum Studies and Public History. I have worked as an adjunct teaching both U.S. History and Humanities at the community college level for 3 years and am now an exhibition assistant at a museum. I will also add that in order to advance in my career I had to obtain education beyond just an undergraduate degree. I hope this helps.

Brien’s Answer

You can find a lot of jobs related to History, especially in governmental jobs, or you can become a history teacher/history professor. Both are great careers! Teacher and professors help educate younger generations, while government jobs help better society and the well being of the country.