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What are the secrets to surviving and doing well in college?

I am asking because I am going to college in September and I want to know how to succeed without failing first. #college #freshmen #newbeginnings #newplace

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3 answers

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Yamile’s Answer

One of the most important skills is developing your time management. When I was a freshman I realized I had a lot more free time than I did in high school, which helped me complete assignments ahead of time, socialize with other freshmen, and join clubs. I would highly recommend using a planner/agenda to write down due dates so you never miss an assignment. At my school the program was called MyCourses/Blackboard and it is where your professors post class notes, homework assignments, due dates, etc. It was a different experience because in my high school all the homework assignments were worksheets or essays that you physically passed in during class but mostly all your work in college will be submitted online. For me personally I performed better in exams when I divided the studying material among several days, so if I had an exam on Friday I would start studying on Monday. Everyone is different you just have to find what works best for you but I would highly recommend you don't cram for an exam the night before if you want to perform well.

Don't forget to have fun, and good luck!

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Matthew’s Answer

You want to utilize all of the college's resources! There are A LOT of people across campus who want to see you succeed and are willing to help. You just have to be willing and not afraid to ask for it. There are a lot departments and offices that can help with various questions and concerns -- Academic Support/Services, Financial Aid, Health Center, Registrar's Office for adding and dropping courses, changing your major, adding a major or minor, etc., Residence Life, Student Clubs and Organizations, and also your Professors who will go above and beyond if you ask.
You also have to figure out what works best for you! Sometimes what worked in High School doesn't always work in college. Study habits change, test taking strategies change, and note taking and reading your textbooks change. You will find yourself having a lot more free/open time than you were used to with a set schedule in High School, as well. What will you do with that time? Homework? Study? Eat? Go to the gym? Nap? Hang with friends? You have to be mindful in how you utilize your time because it can be dangerous if you don't.
Most colleges also offer a tutoring center and writing center to help with classes you may be struggling in or need a little boost. Use these resources! They can be extremely helpful before taking a test, when you don't understand material, or need help writing that term paper.

But most of all, enjoy your time in college and have fun! It will be some of the greatest years of your life. Get involved in clubs, organizations, intramurals, athletics, and whatever you are passionate about! It will make the experience even better.

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Roseli’s Answer

You need to be flexible, pay attention and be brave!

Need to know what do you want for you life ;)