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What do i need to qualify for cumpter engineering ?

Am asking this question , because i want this career in my entire life , and liked to work hard on it. #instructional-technology

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2 answers

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Kristin’s Answer

Hi Muxe! I'm always excited to hear about another woman interested in entering the STEM field. The best answer I can give you is to stay in school! Even if you already have the technical chops to engineer around the best software maven you know, you have to be able to prove it on paper. And that usually means getting a BS. I'd highly advocate for a Computer Science, Marketing or Software Engineering degree. Go into it focused on your end goal (computer engineering) and you'll come out the other side with a ton of useful skills.

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Smaran’s Answer

Hi Muxe,

I know I am answering bit late here, but you know you can become what you want to be in future it's not hard only thing you need to have is commitment and hardwork or I would say softwork now a days

To answer your question, To become a computer engineer all you need to do is take up a Bachelor Degree in Science or Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering or Information technology.

Computer Engineers has lot of potential in future as the world is now revolving around computers, studying about computers or software is the safest and brightest decision for the future. I would recommend you to go through the following the articles of list of Computer engineering degrees I found in South Africa, I am not from South Africa but I would say any country the Computer and the Education for it won't change.


Check out these videos, thought it might be useful



You can always check in Google and Youtube for more information.

Smaran recommends the following next steps:

Check the articles online
Check Videos online explaining about Computer Engineering and Software Enginering
Speak to someone senior you know personally to get clarity how to proceed with degree in your country.
Always and Always ask questions here or any other platforms.