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What is most compelling about being an independent college student?

Asked Aurora, Colorado

Independence is a sweet topic, especially for a high school student. But, what other things make independence in college so admirable besides being able to do what you want?

3 answers

Carol’s Answer

Updated Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The independence you get is actually a critical learning experience. As Elizabeth said, you have the freedom from "having" to do things, but if you don't do what's expected there are consequences. For example, you have the freedom to skip class, but if you skip too many you'll probably fail that course and have to pay to retake it. So the freedom to make choices and consider the consequences prepares you for adult life, it helps you to learn in a relatively safe environment which choices have acceptable consequences and which have severe consequences.

Melissa’s Answer

I think the most compelling thing about being independent in college is choosing your own destiny. Choosing the courses you take, the amount of work you put in, and the outcomes you desire. You get to redefine “success” for yourself! And you get to reinvent yourself, if you do choose...

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Gardner, Kansas

I would say the most compelling thing about being an independent college student is the feeling of freedom from "having" to do things. Such as in college if you don't want to go to class you don't "have" too. Even though there are consequences of decisions that are made.

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