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Mia B. May 17, 2016 984 views

How many times did you change your degree and how many different colleges did you attend?

Teachers tell me how many times they changed their majors and it makes me cringe a huge debt is the last thing I need or want. Also they tell me that theyve changed schools at least once I'd like to know why? What may the next school has that this one doesnt? #doctor #nurse #degree...


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Brittani C. May 18, 2016 828 views

What is the biggest transformation from high school to college?

I am asking this question to better prepare myself for this transformation. #college...


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Ramiro H. May 20, 2016 460 views

How difficult is college

Nervous about attending a college away from home. Is college really difficult? #student #and...


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Nada D. Jan 01, 2017 705 views

What are some ways to finish high school early?

When I was in 5th grade I transferred out of a private school to a public school. My friends that still attend school there are set to graduate high school in 10th grade then transfer to a community college. How is this possible? Isn't there so much more that you need to learn and many more...

#high-school #early-graduation #high-school-classes #high-school-students

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Leah A. Feb 08, 2017 391 views

Besides health plans, how common is it for jobs or companies to spend time focusing on the mental health of workers?

I ask this because in day-to-day life I already see very little of people analyzing why they feel the way they do, see the way they do and think they way they do. I belive it would beneficial for people to spend more time considering the roots of why they have the thoughts and opinions that...

#unconventional #mental-health #ups #check #relationships #of #methods

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Angelina P. Feb 09, 2017 8729 views

If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?

Hey! Just wondering what one thing you would want to change about your job. Would it be the workplace? The hours? The pay? The dress code? Coworkers? What would it be? Thanks in advance for answering, I appreciate it! #business #medicine #nursing #law #marketing...


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Ursula G. Apr 14, 2017 793 views

Is it okay to listen to music while studying?

I always listen to music or put the tv as background noise while I'm studying and I feel like it helps me concentrate (when I feel like it's bothering me or I get to a harder topic I turn it off), but every time my sister comes to my room and sees me doing this she always gives me a lecture...

#finals #studying-tips #college-essay #music #test #studying

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Ursula G. Apr 14, 2017 960 views

What techniques do you use to help you keep focus?

My finals are coming up and I have a lot of content to go over. I'm a very distracted person and in the end of the day, I feel like I wasn't productive at all. I tried meditating with the app headspace and it helps sometimes. I already turn my phone off while studying, but the problem is: my...

#finals #studying-tips #studies #focusing

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Madison T. Jan 22, 2018 259 views

What is most compelling about being an independent college student?

Independence is a sweet topic, especially for a high school student. But, what other things make independence in college so admirable besides being able to do what you want?...


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Monica C. Jan 23, 2018 508 views

How is college different from high school?

I'm in a very rigorous program in my high school (the IB program), and I was wondering how the course load differs? #college...


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Madelyn N. Mar 05, 2018 283 views

How can I afford college if I don't have anyone to help me get loans?

Both of my parents have very bad credit due to my father going to jail multiple times. Because of this, I am worried that I won't be able to get loans for college. I have no one to cosign for me and I can only get around $5500 through the federal government. #financial-aid #college #loans...


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John C. Mar 16, 2018 307 views