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Dubuque, Iowa
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Mia May 17, 2016 1430 views

How many times did you change your degree and how many different colleges did you attend?

Teachers tell me how many times they changed their majors and it makes me cringe a huge debt is the last thing I need or want. Also they tell me that theyve changed schools at least once I'd like to know why? What may the next school has that this one doesnt? #doctor #nurse #degree #social-work

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Mia May 17, 2016 1066 views

Did anyone try to convince you to change your major due to the amount of money your particular career made?

I'm planning to be a social work major and everyone has been trying to convince me to change my major and telling me that social workers don't make much of anything. The reason I chose the major that I chose wasn't because of the money but because its something I will enjoy waking up and doing...