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Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Mar 15, 2018 581 views

How do you know if you have found yor dreamed career?

I love science but I also love writing short stories and sometimes I wonder if I will ever regret not choosing English as my major. I love biology and everything that involves it but how do you know if you are making the correct decision?

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Jan 17, 2018 1123 views

How do you know if your making the best decision possible for yourself?

I often find myself thinking what would have happened if I had picked another decision in my life which questioned if it was the best decision to make.
#Decision-making #personal-development

bianca’s Avatar
bianca Jan 18, 2018 1601 views

I wonder how I can combine my passion for writing and technology into a career that I will absolutely love.

I know it is important for me to live my best life. This starts by finding my 'dream' career. I want to be successful in a career that I am passionate about. #career-counseling #career-choice #career #career-path #plan #future #question #creative-writing #women-in-tech #internships...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Mar 05, 2018 579 views

How quickly will you adjust to finding your way around a college campus?

I’m worried about getting physically lost and not knowing where I am going, and therefore being late or missing a class. How quickly do you get the hang of it? And what are some tips for learning your way around? #campuslife

Heidi’s Avatar
Heidi Jan 15, 2018 1034 views

Is it hard being a woman in the STEM field?

I’ve heard that men take up most of the STEM careers and women in the field are underpaid. #women-in-stem

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 28, 2017 1264 views

Would having a degree in accounting be beneficial if I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Would really like to have my own business one day. #futurebusinessowner

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 22, 2018 645 views

What is most compelling about being an independent college student?

Independence is a sweet topic, especially for a high school student. But, what other things make independence in college so admirable besides being able to do what you want?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 16, 2018 1196 views

What is the equivalent to internships in the education field?

Everyone talks about getting internships, but for someone who wants to become a teacher, what are good summer opportunities to improve a resume? #education #teaching #internships #summer-jobs

Lia’s Avatar
Lia Jan 22, 2018 649 views

What kind of writing careers can I pursue ?

careers excluding being a journalist , I mostly like writing about stuff pertaining to psychology ( getting to know why humans react they way they do) #writer

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Jan 22, 2018 605 views

What the best way to have a Career in Technology?

#technology I want to learn more about the insides and outsides of technology like phones, computer , consoles, and other machines.

Ney’s Avatar
Ney Jan 22, 2018 709 views

What are some career options in the tech industry?

I don't know what I want to do for my future yet and I would like to explore around in the tech industry.


Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 23, 2018 565 views

What advice would you give a female student interested in pursuing a career in chemistry?

I have grow up in an agricultural community, and I know how important it is for many of the small scale farmers to use agricultural chemicals. I want to help make these chemicals safer for them to use. #chemistry #women-in-science

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Jan 23, 2018 1663 views

What is the best way to prepare for a job interview?

I would like to start practicing now so after college I'll be a pro and can hopefully land a great job #jobinterviews

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jan 23, 2018 562 views

how does the class work in college differ from high school?

They always say college is very different from high school and that the work is more difficult. I'd like to know how the work is different and what you can do to succeed in the classroom. #classswork #college

Kelli’s Avatar
Kelli Jan 23, 2018 800 views

How important are college clubs?

I'm a returning, non-traditional student. How important is it really to participate in college clubs? #college #student-clubs