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What are some of the most efficient methods of studying a topic?

Asked Barnett, Missouri

I'm only use to taking good notes, reading my textbook, highlighting and relighting my notes, and trying my best to be healthy prior to the test. I want to know what methods other people subscribe too that may give them better results than what I get. #studying-tips

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Spruce’s Answer

Arabela, Good question, that's something I think everybody struggles with. I studied mechanical engineering, and after a couple of years, I learned that I have to work every problem on the topic in the book. And for midterms or finals, I had to work all the problems for the latest material, and then go back and work problems from each different section until I felt comfortable with those concepts again. If what you're studying is not as regimented, I learned much later for subjects like history or psychology that after reading a passage or a section, I would stop reading and ask myself "why" over and over like why did this happen, why didn't something different happen, why did she do this at this specific time, why does this work only under these circumstances, etc. For me, asking and answering those "why" questions was how I would study. Hope you find couple of techniques that work for you. Good luck.