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What is a day in the life of an FBI agent like?

I think I would like to have a law-enforcement career, but I'm not sure which one. FBI seems the most likely, but I'd like to know what the job is really like.
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Joe’s Answer

Margaret...as much as I would love to give you an answer the problem is there are so many different career options at the FBI that "the day in the life" is very different. See my suggestions below to help you along this path.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

The FBI site also has an extensive section for students, recommend you spend some time there too: https://www.fbijobs.gov/students/high-school-students
If a career in Law Enforcement is what you desire, recommend you volunteer at your local Lafayette Police Department. If you are old enough, participate in their "Ride Along" program to experience some of their life at work.
If you are interested in the FBI...reach out to your local Lafayette FBI office and see if they have a mentoring program. The local FBI office for you would be: 102 Versailles Blvd # 725, Lafayette, LA 70501 Phone: (337) 233-2164

Thanks for the resources! Margaret C.

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