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As a graduate out of college, would it be best to do an internship at the company of your dreams or accept an entry level position that pays your requested salary?

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Marlyn’s Answer

I would encourage you to apply to both internships at your dream company and apply to an entry level position. Usually if Recruiters are searching for interns they are looking at juniors because they know that after the internship they will still have another year of college left. In comparison, college graduates are generally looking for full time positions which companies may or may not have at the moment. I think it is important to work for a company that aligns with the work you wish to do and what you value, not just because of the salary they are offering. If you focus on a job that can help you grow and develop your skills, in the long run it can lead you to applying for a full time position in your dream company.

Marlyn recommends the following next steps:

Research about your dream company and similar companies that look for the same type of candidates
Review job descriptions and apply to those companies including internships & full time positions
Generally after 2-3 years of experience you can apply to your dream job when there is an open position. Now you can have more experience under your belt