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What course are required to become a kinesiologist

I am also interested in becoming a kinesiologist. I am thinking of double-majoring in college.

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Whitney’s Answer

Hello Cortney!

I was a kinesiology major in college at Michigan State University and graduated in 2014. Required courses vary depending on the university and programs but many classes are science courses such as anatomy, chemistry, and physiology. They can also include lab courses which are very helpful for students who learn better in a hands-on environment. Other classes involve healthy lifestyle, first aid classes, motor behavior, and sport psychology.

When choosing majors and classes, make sure to have your future in mind. Do you know what you want to do with your Kinesiology degree? I unfortunately, have not applied this specific degree because I wasn't fully aware of what this major could do for me. Graduate school is a common path taken after getting a kinesiology degree such as physical therapy school or athletic training. Here is a link to view different occupations in the field: