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Is getting scholarships hard?

I have applied for so many scholarships so far and I am scared I won't get any scholarships and have to pay a huge amount of debt. scholarships money

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1 answer

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Joe’s Answer

The question you should be asking yourself is out of the number of scholarships I have applied for, I am confident I should win (?) and I have a good chance I could win (?), and it is doubtful I will win (?).

Now the big you even know how much you need to attend the colleges you are applying to?

From those numbers cut it by 50% and see where you might be at? Determine how much you will need in scholarships, and how much money you can bring to the table.

Now the question is...did you send out ENOUGH applications to cover the cost of college?

Never be worried or scared of what MIGHT happen. If you plan accordingly and work your plan then you can't help but to succeed.

Always remember...applying for scholarships doesn't end upon acceptance to college. You should be applying for scholarships until you graduate!!!