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what is the importance for the SAT?

Because I'm not really good in English so I need to understand why? #exam

Thank you comment icon The SAT is very important if you are planning to go to college. It indicates whether or not you are on a college level and how well you will do in college. Devetra

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1 answer

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Sam’s Answer

Hello Marilyn,

The SAT exam is one of the requirements for getting accepted into a college/university. If your life plan includes going to college, then you must take the SAT exam and receive a score that is high enough to meet the college's minimum requirement for admission.

However, if you are not planning to attend college then you don't need to take the SAT exam.

Thank you comment icon What if I want to attend to the university but I don’t want to take the SAT? Marilyn
Thank you comment icon Hello Marilyn, I'm sorry but there is no option to do what you want. If you want to attend a university, then you must take the SAT exam (or the ACT exam). Unfortunately, the SAT exam is only offered in english. Most likely this is because when you attend a university in the United States the classes will be taught in english. If your goal is to attend college in the United States, you will need to take english language classes and possibly pass a TOEFL exam prior to taking the SAT exam. Sam Seldon, P.E.
Thank you comment icon Yeah I know English and I’m in 12 grade. But some teachers told me that it’s not really necessary that if I pass the algebra EOC and FSA I can go to the university Marilyn
Thank you comment icon If that is true about the Algebra EOC and the FSA, then that's great for you. I would just confirm this with the college's/university's admission office by either visiting their website or calling them to discuss their admission requirements. Sam Seldon, P.E.