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Should I only focus on the cost of schools or look at what they can provide me?

I've been accepted to some colleges and I am stuck in deciding where to go. Some are kinda pricey and I don't know whether to keep it safe and go to a low cost school or take the risk and go to the more risky schools.
senior college stuck

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2 answers

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Shari’s Answer

Well said Deborah. Remember you are the consumer and the college is providing the service. Site visits can give you a feeling of whether or not the college works for you. Pros and Cons list can help to reach a decision. Good Luck!!

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Deborah E.’s Answer

YES to both. You should definitely consider the cost; however, you should also consider what the school can provide to you. If the school you seek can provide advantages to you in the marketplace, such as Harvard or Yale, the cost might outweigh the benefits. Additionally, many high-end or pricey universities also have a lot of funding to be given away based on your financial need and merit. Therefore, you should apply to the schools you really want. Apply for all the financial aid they offer. Receive the financial aid packet from each institution and then weigh the costs and benefits from there. You will be surprised how much financial aid ivy-league schools are able to supply. Last, if they funding seems out of reach, head to community college and score high on your GPA. Use these amazing scores to gain a degree from the college of your choice with more funding in place. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you Deborah! Luis A.