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Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jan 16, 2018 492 views

What how can I get or find other scholarship or grant programs for college?

I'm needing to know because I can not afford to pay for school and my have to drop because of it. #collegefunds

Lana’s Avatar
Lana Jan 31, 2018 465 views

what college should I go to if I want to major in dance

I love to dance and want to improve. #dance

Joni’s Avatar
Joni Jan 31, 2018 470 views

Does anyone have any suggestions on a reasonably-priced, high quality university or college that specializes in film/television production.

Some of the schools we've looked at are so incredibly expensive. There has to be some schools out there that are great but that will not put me in debt forever. #filmschool

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Jan 16, 2018 735 views

Other than tuition, is college expensive?

I have literally $7 to my name right now. I’m going to college soon and I’m panicking about money. Any tips? #college-jobs #financial-planning #financial-aid #money-management #college-advice

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Feb 01, 2018 555 views

Should I only focus on the cost of schools or look at what they can provide me?

I've been accepted to some colleges and I am stuck in deciding where to go. Some are kinda pricey and I don't know whether to keep it safe and go to a low cost school or take the risk and go to the more risky schools.
#senior #college #stuck

Kahlil’s Avatar
Kahlil Sep 01, 2017 776 views

What is the best path to follow if I want to study international law?

I am really interested in global studies and international relations. also recently became interested in the field of law. This sparked my interest, and after wanting to study engineering for a while, I decided to change what direction I want to take in college. #international-law #law...

jayla’s Avatar
jayla Nov 16, 2017 846 views

How many years of school/ education to become a lawyer ?..what important classes do you wish you should've taken to become a lawyer

is there a specific number ? #law-school #law #law-practice

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Nov 16, 2017 758 views

How many years of law school will i need to go to to be a lawyer

Trying to learn more about this carrer
#lawyer #law #law-practice

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Sep 29, 2017 907 views

How would you describe the working conditions of being a lawyer?

Would you describe the working conditions of being a lawyer as stressful or pleasant? Please explain why.

#law #lawyer #law-practice

Kassidy’s Avatar
Kassidy May 22, 2016 3788 views

I want to become an actress but i also want to be a criminal justice lawyer- how do i pick?

I'm asking because I have always wanted to be an actress since I was four (I'm 19 now) and I also want to become a lawyer in criminal justice because I have seen a lot of bad people get away with a lot of things only because of their reputation status. #law #lawyer #acting #law-practice

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 18, 2016 2165 views

Is law boring?

I am interested in becoming a lawyer, but only if I feel that I will lead a happy life. I want to enjoy what I am doing and not get bored. #law #lawyer #law-practice #law-services

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 21, 2017 948 views

I am studying for a post first degree law, which possible arears should i focus on

I am applying for post first degree law school this year. I like to learn new things, I believe I have good communication and debatable skills. but I am not sure if I know what to expect in the entrance exams or during the interview. I would really appreciate some guidance. #law...

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Apr 18, 2017 1122 views

What college(s) have the best law programs in Texas?

I'm a high school student, I'm not applying to colleges yet, but I would like a headstart so that I know what colleges to apply to. #lawyer #law-school #women-in-law