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I am studying for a post first degree law, which possible arears should i focus on

I am applying for post first degree law school this year. I like to learn new things, I believe I have good communication and debatable skills. but I am not sure if I know what to expect in the entrance exams or during the interview. I would really appreciate some guidance. #law #career-counseling #law-school #guidance-counselor #student-counseling #corporate-law #law-practice #personal-development #job-application #career-details

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3 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

There is really no right answer to this question as the areas you should focus on in law are areas in which you have an interest. Your first year of law school exposes you to a variety of different areas of law. I would suggest gaining some experience before going to law school by working in a law firm, even if it is as an entry-level position just to see if you like the experience and surroundings of law. Most of law is not arguing in a courtroom, but keeping clients and opposing counsels informed, drafting legal documents and much more mundane tasks. As more of law is becoming written filings and submissions along with trying to move forward with technology, I would suggest working on writing clearly, concisely and with good grammar as well as be able to work with technology as it advances.

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Deborah E.’s Answer

Let's see if we can answer this - the first year of law school, everyone takes the same classes. You can begin choosing your emphasis and interests the 2nd and 3rd years. Look for clubs, competitions, and internships that appear to interest you. You may have to try a few to find out what you are good at and what you find appealing to your personality and drive. A great piece of advice that someone gave to me is to take all the classes that will be represented on the Bar exam. At the end of the day, if you cannot pass the Bar, you are not going to practice anywhere! I did exactly that and found the Bar to be intense but not difficult. I also clerked for a family court judge (and discovered I did not want to practice family law!). I took an internship at a firm that handled mass tort cases. It was interesting but also not my cup of tea. I participated in moot court and mediation competition and discovered that I really liked both. Also, keep in mind that you may receive an offer for a position in a certain field after law school and decide that is not what you want to do for the rest of your life. There is no perfect answer here. You will have to try a few things and discover what really excites you about practicing law and that looks very different for every lawyer. Good luck with everything - hope this helped!

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Shawn’s Answer

It depends on what your goal is and what experience you have. If you have been a Science person, then you can do patent law and make a lot of money. Corporate, specifically Tax law is quite lucrative.

However, if you want to think about helping people and make if change, you might want to look at administrative law. That is usually the law dealing with government entities. A big issue today is immigration and there is a need for good immigration lawyers.

I don't know if you are going to law school in Ghana, but in the states, once you are a lawyer,l you can practice in any area you want. So I would do some research and maybe some internships to figure out the direction you want to go in.