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Managing Associate of Litigation at McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC
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Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 21, 2017 926 views

I am studying for a post first degree law, which possible arears should i focus on

I am applying for post first degree law school this year. I like to learn new things, I believe I have good communication and debatable skills. but I am not sure if I know what to expect in the entrance exams or during the interview. I would really appreciate some guidance. #law...

Kahlila’s Avatar
Kahlila Mar 04, 2017 1411 views

What is a good career involving rules or leadership if I want to have definite hours?

Right now, I go to school and do work, and then I come home and do *more* work, and I don't want my career to be like that. I like making fair rules and leading others, so I want a career that involves those things. I'm a good rule follower and enforcer. I'm interested in technology and math,...

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Feb 27, 2017 931 views

I need help!

what are some personality traits that help with becoming a lawyer? What are some helpful technical skills for becoming a lawyer. Thanks for al of the help! #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice #personal-development #career-details