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I want to go into public speaking in Ministry. Women are often frowned upon in this career choice. As I enter college in the fall, I plan on taking classes in communication and public speaking. What are some other things that will help me succeed?

Because it is often difficult as a female to be accepted in this profession.

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3 answers

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Wendy’s Answer

Kensley, I'm so encouraged to read this. I am in the corporate world, but my mother works in ministry and I know a lot of strong women in full time ministry. There is a place and a need for strong women leaders and if you have been called, then I encourage you to keep your chin up and focused on the goal. What I see in the women I know that makes them successful is a strong personal commitment to their faith, an open heart, and a willingness to serve. What's almost as important is involvement and being connected to other women. Most of the women I know gained their knowledge at school and their experience within their church. Pray about who you can connect with to help you along the journey.

While I don't have much more practical advice, I want to offer you encouragement because we need more women who have the courage and desire to minister to others.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and advice! I have been accepted into a Christian University, so my hope is that others will be accepting of Gods calling on my life. Kensley H.

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Kim’s Answer


I don't have a religious background, and Wendy's advice sounds great! To that, I would add that hopefully you are able to choose a church/religion that is more accepting of women, and will not be so busy trying to open the door for women that it detracts you from your purpose. Also, if you want to have regular opportunities to work on your public speaking skills, look into an organization called Toastmistresses or Toastmasters. They have groups all over the country who gather regularly to practice public speaking.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for this advice! I just want to begin on the right path. I have recently been accepted at a private Christian University. I love this sight and hope to receive more feedback. Is there any way to “refresh” my question so that it is shown in current posts? Kensley H.

Not sure about the "refreshing." Sort of depends on how we search. If I search for "most recently active" your question is currently fifth on my feed. Perhaps check with the Career village folks for an answer to that? Oh, also, to answer the original question, take some courses in marriage & family, criminal justice, and things like that! Kim Igleheart

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Peter’s Answer


It's really awesome to hear that you feel called into ministry. My encouragement to you is to "do something scary everyday". There will be times that it's going to be scary and building up your confidence and your faith that you hear what Papa is saying to you is key. Also, don't be afraid of messing up... You will, it's what you do with it after that really matters. Just keep moving forward and when you feel discouraged, keep standing.

Hope that helps.