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i want to study to be a pediatric dentist, i was wondering what core classes would i have to take to begin my journey to becoming a pediatric dentist?

I’ve always had a clear idea of what i want to do, but I’ve always been a little overwhelmed with starting new things and where to begin at. #TEETH #dentistry

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1 answer

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Victoria’s Answer

Hi Kiara,

This is a great question and here are some links to the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida:

There is an excellent article about why dentistry is such a wonderful field, information for about how to visit the campus, and application requirements. The last link talks specifically about the special work pediatric dentists perform.

Dentistry and health science careers are a journey and everyone's journey is unique. Many times if you find a career you love you may need to take some extra courses, maybe some community college prerequisites, and do some volunteering at a local clinic or your school. This is very normal and a career like this is a journey - you are right. The important thing is to talk to dentists, dental assistants, and mentors in the health sciences to learn as much as you can. Make a plan, volunteer at a hospital, clinic, or dentist office, and find students and professors that have your same interests. In pediatrics, you work with the entire family and you help children have a great start in life. You will definitely change many kids' lives through your work as a pediatric dentist for the better![568]/9/

Victoria recommends the following next steps:

Visit the pre-dental or health sciences campus near you and learn more about the career.
Keep a journal of your plan, your progress, and next steps.
Read the links and talk to an advisor or counselor about the classes you need to apply. Explore other programs.