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jobs freshmen year of college?

I am wondering what people think about getting job in your freshmen year of college ? #college-jobs

Hi, Sophia, I think if you are going to get a job let it be something on campus, and let it be part-time because this way you can still be in the college atmosphere, and still let yourself adjust to being in college. But I think that getting a job is great because you can start out paying some of your tuition costs, food, and other expenses when you are first starting out in college, and you will not incur so many lifelong expenses like student loan debt. I hope this helps you. Alexis K. Ellis

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3 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer


Your first year will be full of changes, challenges, and new adventures. If you have the ability, I'd recommend foregoing the job your freshmen year unless it's a work-study job. Understanding that many students need to find employment for financial reasons, it is possible to find the right balance. It is nice, however, if you have the luxury to figure out how things work around the campus, to get accustomed to your new surroundings academically and socially, and to explore extracurricular activities that you may not have had time for in the past before taking on the additional responsibility of having a job.

On the other hand, if you have the time and inclination, finding a job that can help determine your educational or career path such as an internship or other unique opportunity, it would be foolish to pass up the opportunity. These jobs can help boost your resume, help make broader decisions, and teach additional responsibilities related to time management, etc. Typically, however, these occur as an upperclassman (junior, senior years) for most students.

I look forward to hearing what others have to say, but I trust that having asked the question you're mature enough to make the best decision for you. Good luck!


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Austin’s Answer

Hey Sophia,

You are certainly welcome to get a part time job your first year in school, but I would advise against doing so if possible. If you have to work for financial reasons, but if you don't have to then I would definitely recommend not working. Your first year will be full of brand new experiences, new challenges, new people...frankly everything will be new. You will be challenged in ways that you most likely haven't had to deal with yet as a high school student, and work stress on top of school/personal stress may not be the best way to start college.

I remember how busy I was my freshman year and how busy I was in class, making friends, and exploring that having to work on top of that would have been totally overwhelmed. It is feasible to work your first year, but I would advise against doing so if possible. Enjoy your first year, there will be plenty of time as a sophomore/junior/senior to work.



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Anne’s Answer

Hi Sophia, I worked during high school and throughout college. I would recommend applying to jobs through your college, for example, work-study programs, working in the offices on campus. It is doable to work during your freshman year but your first year is full of changes that the previous two people mentioned so see how your classes are before jumping into the workforce.

Anne recommends the following next steps:

Plan your class schedule and read the syllabus to see what the classes entail.
If you have time in your schedule, research the jobs available to you on campus and through your school career website.