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Hannah Mar 06, 2018 775 views

When is the best time in college to start a job search?

When should I start looking at jobs that will start me in my career? Is freshman year of college reasonable? #career-planning

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rekha May 05, 2016 1012 views

what should study to become an Accountant?

i am intrested in accounting job #accounting #accountant

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Caleb Mar 26, 2018 693 views

What is the best way to look for jobs during college? Are there any recommended websites that are best for job searching?


James’s Avatar
James Jan 18, 2018 614 views

How necessary is it to find an internship before you graduate?

I am currently a junior undergrad student and I am trying to decide between an internship over the summer and possibly taking summer school classes to help me complete my minor so my senior year will be less stressful and I guarantee I graduate on time. Considering that this will most likely be...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Mar 19, 2018 600 views

When is the best time to change my major?

I am planning on majoring in journalism at the university I will be attending in the fall, however I am having second thoughts on my choice. I am considering changing my major but I want to at least give journalism a try before doing so. If I eventually decide on changing majors, what year of...

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Alexia May 21, 2018 1000 views

College Scholarships

Hi! My mom is a single parent who's had to take care of me since I was seven years old with the help of her family. She is also a soldier in the US Army, so I was wondering if there are certain scholarships for military dependents and if so what are they? #highschool #collegeapplications...

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Zane Apr 12, 2018 820 views

What's a good part time job as a 16 year old?

I am a 16 year old boy who plays baseball on a regular basis and likes to hang out with my friends on my free time, but my mother wants me to get a job. What are some good part time job ideas for me that'll have a lenient schedule. #gottagetajob #imbroke #anything-fun #moneymaking #no-technology

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shanell Jan 19, 2018 837 views

I want to go to NYU but it cost too much and I'm trying to choose a college in New York, I don't know what to do because I don't have a full plan?

My mine have been set on NYU but since it cost so much and I want to live on campus I don't know what to do. I wanted to get a Track scholarship to a good college, because I'm in track and I don't know how people get recruited. #Track #College #nyu #hardwork

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Jordyn Sep 28, 2017 863 views

How many years of school should I attend to be an accountant?

I want to be the best.

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Destiny Feb 08, 2017 710 views

are you able to work if you are pregnant while being a physical therapist?

Hey i'm destiny and i was wondering this because Not saying that this will happen but if it was to happen could you work or will you be fired ?

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sophia Mar 06, 2018 768 views

jobs freshmen year of college?

I am wondering what people think about getting job in your freshmen year of college ? #college-jobs