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How important are internships during college?

Asked Peabody, Massachusetts

While researching which college to attend, it seems some colleges have mandatory internships while others don't. What are the pros and cons to internships? #tointernornot #sports-management

1 answer

Philip’s Answer

Let me start with the cons for Internships; I can't see any! My list of pros for Internships are that they will... 1. allow you to see diversity within your field. Every field has many sub-disciples seeing them in real life is the best way. 2. help the organization where you are working. Even a small opportunity will give you something to add to your resume. 3. make you a better student. You will ask smarter questions in your classes, thus helping your learning process. 4. help you learn to work with people who aren't like you. This will help you grow and learn these important skills early! 5. may earn you some money, helping with paying bills, learning to manage your money, etc.
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