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Should I self publish my book even though I want to be an editor/publisher?

I started writing (and may illustrate) a children's picture book in my spare time. I spoke to a few different professors at my college about it and they all recommended I self publish it for a few reasons: it's faster, I get more control over what the end result looks like, and I would be allowed to use it as my honors component which is a required project of my choice I need to complete for the honors program (I'm ok with doing a different project). However, one of the careers I have been looking at for years is editing and publishing (though I never decided what I would like to edit and publish). I feel like a hypocrite. If I were to apply to a publishing house with a self published book on my resume, would that make me look bad? #editing #publishing #selfpublish #writing #childrensbooks #books

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