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Does the college you attend and graduate from (whether grad or undergrad) determine your success for the future?

For my school's summer reading book this year, we read "Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be" by Frank Bruni. In small groups, we had a lot of discussion about how even though some people make it big in life coming from not as well known or prestigious schools, the majority come from well-known places. The argument wasn't as valid because even though Bruni did not go to an Ivy, he got into Yale and received the Morehead Scholarship for UNC-Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill alone is considered high up there to many people living in North Carolina, like me. And getting the Morehead scholarship is an even bigger honor. Did you go to an unknown college or somewhere small and still make it big? Do you have any regrets about where you did/didn't end up? How do you define making it big yourself? #whereyougoisnotwhoyoullbe #college #career-choice #college #career-path

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