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Lilia Oct 27, 2020 614 views

What is highest paying marine biology job or career?

This career has always been a passion of mine so if I am going to pursue this I want to make sure I will be successful and take care of myself. I am passionate about anything marine life or marine animals related. #career #marinebiology

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Lilia Oct 27, 2020 861 views

What is needed to be a marine biologist or what classes are recommended?

Ever since I was a little girl I had the biggest passion for sea animals and marine life. This is a career I am interested in because I am very devoted to learning about this type of topic. #career #marine #marinebiology

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Lilia Oct 27, 2020 620 views

How can I become a marketing manager?

The marketing field just recently became an interest of mind and I am very good with displaying things on social media and talking about different things that would be in the market. My mom was a business major so I know that this is a good career. #marketing #career