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San Francisco, California
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I want to be accepted into an engineering college that allows for many opportunities within the engineering department. I am not sure what kind of engineering I would like to do quite yet, but I want to explore multiple options and choose which one is most rewarding for me.

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Cyrus Oct 05, 2021 777 views

Which degree in engineering is most universally useful in your daily life?

I'm a senior applying to colleges, I love the idea of engineering but I also want to make sure that my skills are applicable outside of the classroom. #engineering

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Cyrus Sep 17, 2021 274 views

How long should I commit to a career before deciding whether or not it's right for me?

I am a senior in high school wanting to go into an engineering degree, but I am not sure what type of engineering I want to do. I am willing and excited to try different types of majors within engineering, but I do not want to spend too much time in one area if I don't immediately think it's...