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Michael Oct 26, 2016 1101 views

What jobs will be over saturated when I graduate?

i been seeing a lot of my peers looking at the same or similar majors to get in college. I feel that with all of my peers going for those major will narrow the job market. If that's true, what types of degrees or jobs will will be in demand that are not already in demand be available when i...

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Michael Oct 26, 2016 991 views

How do i decide which college to go to?

I have been wondering on what college should i go to. My family has been telling me to go to the best college that i can get admitted to and worry about the debt later since i will be earning enough to pay the debt. Even though i want to go to a good college, i don't want to go into debt by...

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Michael Oct 26, 2016 832 views

Jobs in Mathematics

Am going to college next year and I want to major in mathematics since i find it pretty fun.
My question is what types of jobs are there in the field of mathematics that has nothing to do with education #mathematics