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Marilou D. Nov 13, 2014 2429 views

What is the difference between a AA degree and a BA/BS degree in the fashion industry?

What will look better on my resume and, are there certain schools that employers in the fashion world like to see that their employees are from? Specifically, I am interested in becoming a fashion stylist and would like to know what type of degree to pursue #fashion #fashion-stylist

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Marilou D. Nov 13, 2014 756 views

Where should I seek employment with a degree in visual communications to become a fashion stylist?

I am interested in majoring in visual communications at FIDM and I would like to know where exactly I should be seeking employment while I study to become a fashion stylist that can help me with my career later on. I try to take jobs that will help my career and give me experience. Where should...