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Bradley May 12, 2018 421 views

What are a few ways to get in state tuition if you don't happen to live in the state at the moment?

So I live in Illinois where colleges are super expensive. I am all in for going out of my way to save money, but I am not sure what the best way to do it would be. I've heard that if my house was under my dad's name, then I could rent a place in North Carolina and have the apartment under my...

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Bradley May 12, 2018 527 views

Do you think it is smart to go into journalism as a major even if I just have a passion for writing about sports?

So I am currently a junior who is a big sports geek. I love many sports, although I can not play any right now. I currently have a concussion and have had one since March 18, of 2017. The sports I was playing in high school were soccer and basketball. I was a better soccer player than...